Scope of Services

Al Jaber Coin Security Group delivers a wide range of services, aimed at satisfying all the security requirements of a huge spectrum of customers from Retail and Commercial customers to Industrial and Financial Institutions AND Government as well as Parastatal organizations.

Al Jaber Coin Security believes that an Al Jaber Coin guard is the best security officer in the industry, for they are meticulously selected, extensively trained, motivated and backed by years of experience.

Physical Security

The physical services are encompassed by a holistic approach, combined with the latest in technological applications, ensuring that customers receive the full spectrum of the latest in security services. Specific physical security services that are provided include:

Leisure Industry (Hotels, Marina’s)
Healthcare & Pharmaceutical industry (Hospitals, Clinics, Factories) Residential (Housing Complexes High Rises, Estates, Villa’s, Palaces)
Warehouses Commercial & Retail (Shopping centers, Shops, Retailers, Supermarkets)
Loss Control Services Key Installations (Military and Security Facilities, Oil & Gas installations, power plants, Desalination Plants)
Financial Institutions (Banks) Off-site monitoring of CCTV, Alarm systems & Security systems
Industrial Security (Factories, Plants, Industrial sites, Building sites) Institutions of Education (Universities, Colleges, Schools)
Security Supervisors & Managers Motor Industry (Workshops, Showrooms)
Security Systems

Al Jaber Coin Security can provide, through its senior partner (Global Intelligence Systems), the supply, installation and maintenance of all electronic security systems such as CCTV, surveillance systems, access control, time management systems, fire protection and others. Highly skilled engineers provide a wide range of engineering and support services.

Specialized services include
Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) 24-hour control room
Perimeter intrusion detection Guard monitoring system
Installation of command and Control centers Integrated CCTV, access control Alarm systems and fire detection systems
Screening systems Maintenance
Physical security barriers System support
Intruder alarm systems Customized Solutions
Access control systems Intercoms
Consulting Service

Experience has shown that there is an absolute need to analyze the “pure risks” faced by clients and formulate management programs to manage those risks. To satisfy this need Al Jaber Coin Security is geared to assist customers in a wide field of industries in analyzing and reducing their risk.

This analysis forms the foundation on which manpower and electronic systems are engaged to manage the risk. Committing funds to security without full disclosure of the extent of risk and consequent recommendations on how to manage risk is neither cost effective nor efficient. The Al Jaber Coin risk management team is able to formulate such plans. Risk Management services also includes operating and contingency planning, emergency planning and crisis management planning.

Training and Related Services

The al Jaber Coin Security Training Centre is situated in Abu Dhabi, and complements training needs of the Al Jaber Coin Security Group not met by the National Security Institute. Al Jaber Coin draws expertise and instructors from this invaluable resource. This facility specifically parochialises training to meet specific client needs and to imbue the staff with the al Jaber Coin culture of professional security service provision.

Training not only focuses on the many facets of the modern security environment, but also on people development and sound management skills.

Al Jaber Coin has recognized that customers have different needs and requirements. Our guards are therefore trained to the specific needs of a customer. We have specialized training courses in Commercial. Retail, Industrial, Petroleum and other security fields. Such training can be provided to supplement that supplied by the statutory requirement of attendance at the National Training Institute, if required.

Total Quality Management (TQM)

The management of Al Jaber Coin commit themselves to security services that meet the requirements of all our Customers:


This is achieved through the implementation of a quality management system to the standards of ISO 9001: 2000. The system is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that:

  • The procedures, routines and standards are effective.
  • The processes continuously improve to meet the changing needs of customers.
  • The staff is adequately trained to provide a professional service.
  • Internal audits are conducted regularly to monitor that procedures are followed in order to meet the customers’ requirements.
  • Corrective action plans are implemented if and when necessary.
The Benefits for Customers are
Confidence in the ability of al Jaber Coin Consistency in service standards or levels
Consistent maintenance of quality Consistent, updated and real time feedback
Increased satisfaction Constant evaluation of the service level
Facilitates uniformity in practice Compliance with site job descriptions