Al Jaber Coin Security LLC

Al Jaber Coin Security LLC was formed in March 2004 to address the specialized security needs defined in the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East. This combination of forces between the Al Jaber Group and Protea Coin Security Group brings together years of experience in the security matters and the global influence of two mighty conglomerates to ensure total security solutions.

After an exhaustive and detailed selection process, Al Jaber Coin Security Group LLC was granted one of seven licenses to exclusively operate in the Abu Dhabi Emirate to supply Security to the Emirate.

Subsequently, the company has opened in the other emirates such as Al Ain & Western Region, Dubai and the Northern Emirates. The company is geared to provide an up-market highly individualized service in the entire Middle East. This approach will ensure high levels of service and security not yet experienced in the region.

Al Jaber Group Est

Few Organizations in the Middle East can match the sheer size of the Al Jaber Group. It employs many thousands of people from over 20 nationalities operating from a major industrial site of 500, 000m2 and more than 30 of site facilities and offices throughout the UAE and GCC countries.

Since its inception in 1970, Al Jaber has achieved spectacular year on year growth. Al Jaber has participated in a multitude of projects and has been synonymous with the spectacular growth of UAE. Scale of operation is however but the start, Al Jaber believes in flexibility and diversity to proposition and substantiate its leadership position.

Global Intelligent Systems Est

Global Intelligent Systems Est. is known as GIS. This company is a member of the Al Jaber Group of Companies based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. GIS is a total solution provider for various security and traffic control systems to the Abu Dhabi police and other governmental and non-governmental institutions.

Highly skilled engineers providing a wide range of engineering and support since 2000 and has shown remarkable growth and expansion.

The combined management experience, ongoing research and development and constant drive to analyze and anticipate trends in South Africa, Resulted in The Protea Coin Group developing a product and service range that in unique to South African and international protection standards. Based on the principles of an international Standards Organization, linked to internal standards managed by a quality assurance team and committed management is our strive to achieve ongoing quality driven risk reduction solutions through the integrated utilization of various products and services.


Although historically both companies were physical security service providers, the growth and development of the companies was accelerated by the continuity maintained to meet client needs in relation to industrial and crime trends. Hence the broad range of integrated services is available to ensure a holistic approach to security. The value added services came into existence due to the commitment toward service excellence and market requirements, all of which enhanced the prime service rendering concept, i.e. provision of an integrated risk solution. PROTEA COIN GROUP is today one of the few truly South African service providers that can be viewed as a turn-key solutions provider.

Protea Coin Security Group (Pty) Ltd

The Protea Coin Security Group is part of the Mvelaphanda stable of companies in South Africa and following is a brief history of its birth and development through the amalgamation of Coin Security and protea Security.

Protea Coin Group

Mvelaphanda Group Limited is a leading provider of security services to the South African market through the PROTEA COIN GROUP after restructuring the security interests of the Group into one entity in July 2007. In line with this restructuring of the Group’s security interests, Mr. Jorge Ferreira, has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of the PROTEA COIN GROUP.

The previously called Protea security and Coin security Group, both wholly owned subsidiaries of the Mvelaphanda Group. Joined forces in July 2007 to form a group known as THE PROTEA COIN GROUP.

Protea Security-Brief background/History

Protea Security was founded during 1982 by Jorge Ferreira. In 1991 the company saw a change in ownership to the then black owned Molope Group and in 1999s Rebserve Holdings acquired the company. As from July 2004 the company is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Mvelaphanda Group.